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Article: Bras and Feminism: When Comfort Meets Freedom

Bras and Feminism: When Comfort Meets Freedom

After a long, tiring day, what is the first thing you do when you get home? Come on, admit it! You reach inside your blouse, unhook your bra and fling it in the air like a frisbee. (You don't have to feel guilty about it! After all, it is the most emancipating moment of the day.) But the big question is - does it have to be like that?

Bras have come a long way since they first appeared in Roman times. Back then, women wore 'breast bands' to prevent their breasts from sagging. The middle ages saw the corset become a symbol of fashion and aristocracy. By the early 1800s, women gave up corsets for some time. The new looser clothing corresponded to the ideas of freedom. This freedom, however, was short-lived as the corset returned as the symbol of fashion just a few years later.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the corset was at its most extreme phase. It forced the spine into an S shape by plunging the breasts forward and the buttocks far back. However, just within a few years, an uprising began as Caresse Crosby patented the 'first modern bra' in 1914. The modern bra symbolized a revolution going on in society - the women's suffrage movement. As women stood for equality and emancipation, they found personal freedom in wearing undergarments that allowed them to move freely. The modern bra not just gave women freedom of body but also freedom of thought.

The year 1968 saw the protest of the Miss America pageant by close to four hundred women. These protestors came to be known as "bra burners." Although no burning of bras took place, the image of "bra burners" has become the symbol of modern-day feminism. The symbolic burning of the bra meant standing against gender inequality and breaking free from oppression.

Switching to Comfort - Bra Trends During the On-going Pandemic

Since the imposition of lockdown in the past year, women have either switched to wireless bras or just stopped wearing one (Oh! La Libertad). In either case, the prime thing that women are looking for is freedom from tight straps and poking wires. As per the experts, this shift towards wireless bras is not a consequence of the pandemic. It was already an on-going trend that got accelerated during the lockdown phase.



The past year has given birth to new sale trends in the lingerie market. According to an article in the New York Times,  wireless bras sales increased by 14% in the last two quarters of 2020 over 2019. Trends suggest that women do not want to be restricted anymore and are shopping for comfortable bras.

Bralettes (light weight, wireless bras with a more natural shape) have been a hit during the pandemic. In the past year, sales of these comfort-oriented  bras have increased by 31%, suggesting that comfort is now the top priority for most women when bra-shopping. Women generally prefer Bralettes for yoga classes, but they are gradually becoming the new all-day bra.

At Blue Canoe, we have a range of bralettes that offer soft support and are also right on trend. All our bras are made with the softest sustainable materials, keeping your skin and the environment in mind. Wear our bras all day without feeling uncomfortable or itchy. Heck! You can even sleep in them!

What makes our bras our best-sellers?

We make breast-healthy, organic cotton and bamboo bras. We believe that intimate wear should be feather-soft and free of toxic chemicals. Our versatile range of bras is suitable for women of all ages. Whether you are a yoga fanatic, a nursing mom, a girl stepping into womanhood or someone who has had breast surgery - we have a unique bra for everyone.


There is no doubt that bra and feminism go hand-in-hand, and we at Blue Canoe have been redefining both since 1989. We provide women with fashion that is not only comfortable but also thought-provoking. Our brand manufactures bras in the USA using only organically grown fibers which allows women to be a part of the movement that advocates sustainability.

Try one of our bras and feel the difference.

Blue Canoe. For women, by women!

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