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Article: Wear Your Plants: Slay the Look, Save the Environment!

Wear Your Plants: Slay the Look, Save the Environment!

Battle Climate Change Through Fashion

Today as we battle climate change, the use of organic clothing made from plant fibers has made its way back. Not only is organic clothing good for the environment but it’s also kinder to the skin. The absence of harmful dyes and chemicals makes it the top choice for eco-conscious fashion.

Using plant fibers to weave clothes is an art that goes way back in history. The Egyptians grew and processed the flax plant into linen to serve various purposes. The most important one being, wrapping mummies in linen to slow down the process of decomposition. The high pectin content in linen forms glue when mixed with water, which allows it to decay at a much slower rate than other fibers. (No wonder the linen from ancient Egypt is still found unscathed.)

Cotton is another plant that was cultivated and processed in India, Egypt, Mesoamerica, and China. In India, the history of cotton can be traced back in time to the Indus Valley Civilization. The traditional Indian wear for women - the sari, which now comes in various fabrics began its journey in the Indus Valley. The women at that time adorned the cotton saris that were made colorful with the use of natural dyes.

The use of plant fibers in ancient days offered our ancestors a significant advantage over animal furs. Clothes made out of natural plant fibers were lighter and easy to repair. They also kept our forefathers naturally cool from the rays of the burning sun. 

These days,  the fibers in the stem, leaves, and seeds of plants are processed to make clothes with a lower carbon footprint. At Blue Canoe, we use organic cotton and bamboo to make clothes that both feel-good and look-good. Let us take a deeper look at the plants that help us create our sustainable fashion line.

Organic Cotton


As the name suggests, organic cotton is grown organically. Growing it does not require the use of harmful chemicals or GMOs. It utilizes crop rotation to maintain soil health and relies on rainwater instead of irrigation. 

Growing organic cotton results is lesser chemical, water, and energy usage than cultivating conventional cotton. 

Blue Canoe offers you a versatile range of cotton wear to explore. From our all day, every day comfy bottoms to our I can sleep in this bra!, we've got you covered!

 Organic Bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that has established its name in the eco-fashion industry. Growing bamboo is very easy as it does not require any fertilizer. It self-regenerates from its roots, which means replanting it is not required.

 At Blue Canoe, we use organic bamboo, which has been grown sustainability to make comfortable and versatile products. Explore our colorful range of date night dresses and flattering jackets to create an iconic look.

If you are an eco-conscious fashionista who wants to make a difference while owning your style in a little black dress and glamorous stilettos, then Blue Canoe is your guiding light.

 Shop our organic, made from plants clothes today!

Blue Canoe. Save the environment while slaying the look!

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