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Tops: Tanks, Shirts and Sweaters

Tops: Tanks, Shirts and Sweaters

Tops that fit your life and your style and are easy on the earth. Check out our organic tees and sleeves made using only the best organically grown cotton as well as silky soft tees made using rayon from organically grown bamboo. All our fabrics are gentle on the earth, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and because they are natural fabrics our tees do not shed microfibers during washing and do not off-gas for decades in landfills. You’ll find our organic cotton tees are breathable and soft and in style from season to season.

Slip into a more comfortable life. Naturally soft clothing with an effortless sense of style.

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Yoked Bateau TopYoked Bateau Top
Yoked Bateau Top Sale price$115.00
No Sweat Cover UpNo Sweat Cover Up
No Sweat Cover Up Sale price$95.00
Overlap Hem TopOverlap Hem Top
Overlap Hem Top Sale price$95.00
Easy V TeeEasy V Tee
Easy V Tee Sale priceFrom $99.00
One Pocket TunicOne Pocket Tunic
One Pocket Tunic Sale price$109.00
Yoked Easy TopYoked Easy Top
Yoked Easy Top Sale priceFrom $95.00
Lush Fleece TopLush Fleece Top
Lush Fleece Top Sale price$119.00
Bateau Dolman TopBateau Dolman Top
Bateau Dolman Top Sale priceFrom $95.00
Bamboo Rib TeeBamboo Rib Tee
Bamboo Rib Tee Sale price$119.00
On sale Silky TeeSilky Tee
Silky Tee Sale priceFrom $22.50 Regular price$75.00
Pointelle V NeckPointelle V Neck
Pointelle V Neck Sale price$89.00
Origami TopOrigami Top
Origami Top Sale priceFrom $90.00
Light JacketLight Jacket
Light Jacket Sale price$119.00
Save $83.40 Yummy Fleece TopYummy Fleece Top
Yummy Fleece Top Sale price$55.60 Regular price$139.00
Save $72.00 Sweater Stripe JacketSweater Stripe Jacket
Sweater Stripe Jacket Sale priceFrom $48.00 Regular price$120.00
Save $51.00 Sweater Stripe BoatneckSweater Stripe Boatneck
Sweater Stripe Boatneck Sale priceFrom $34.00 Regular price$85.00
Save $65.40 Stripe Tunic TopStripe Tunic Top
Stripe Tunic Top Sale price$43.60 Regular price$109.00
Save $47.40 Pointelle V Neck TeePointelle V Neck Tee
Pointelle V Neck Tee Sale price$31.60 Regular price$79.00
Save $51.00 Long Sleeve Pointelle CrewLong Sleeve Pointelle Crew
Long Sleeve Pointelle Crew Sale price$34.00 Regular price$85.00
Save $59.40 Romance TopRomance Top
Romance Top Sale price$39.60 Regular price$99.00
Save $57.00 Center Gather TopCenter Gather Top
Center Gather Top Sale priceFrom $38.00 Regular price$95.00
Save $51.00 Cotton Pocket TeeCotton Pocket Tee
Cotton Pocket Tee Sale price$34.00 Regular price$85.00
On sale Silky HoodieSilky Hoodie
Silky Hoodie Sale priceFrom $47.60 Regular price$119.00
Save $69.00 Square Neck TopSquare Neck Top
Square Neck Top Sale price$20.00 Regular price$89.00
Save $38.50 Lace Edge CamiLace Edge Cami
Lace Edge Cami Sale priceFrom $16.50 Regular price$55.00
Save $27.00 Striped BeanieStriped Beanie
Striped Beanie Sale price$18.00 Regular price$45.00
Save $60.00 Striped Raglan SweaterStriped Raglan Sweater
Striped Raglan Sweater Sale price$40.00 Regular price$100.00
Save $75.00 Stripe Cowl Neck SweaterStripe Cowl Neck Sweater
Stripe Cowl Neck Sweater Sale price$50.00 Regular price$125.00
Save $63.00 Striped PulloverStriped Pullover
Striped Pullover Sale price$42.00 Regular price$105.00
Save $69.00 Batwing TeeBatwing Tee
Batwing Tee Sale priceFrom $46.00 Regular price$115.00
Save $63.00 Peasant TopPeasant Top
Peasant Top Sale price$42.00 Regular price$105.00
Save $66.50 Cropped Cover UpCropped Cover Up
Cropped Cover Up Sale priceFrom $28.50 Regular price$95.00
Save $63.00 Bamboo Oversize TopBamboo Oversize Top
Bamboo Oversize Top Sale priceFrom $42.00 Regular price$105.00
Silky Tank TopSilky Tank Top
Silky Tank Top Sale priceFrom $65.00
On sale Slub Long Sleeve TeeSlub Long Sleeve Tee
Slub Long Sleeve Tee Sale priceFrom $35.60 Regular price$89.00
Save $10.50 Organic Cotton Face MaskOrganic Cotton Face Mask
Organic Cotton Face Mask Sale priceFrom $4.50 Regular price$15.00
On sale Organic Mask KitOrganic Mask Kit
Organic Mask Kit Sale priceFrom $19.00 Regular price$39.00
Save $69.00 Wrap TopWrap Top
Wrap Top Sale priceFrom $46.00 Regular price$115.00