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Article: Blue Canoe Spring Collection: What is New this Season?

Blue Canoe Spring Collection: What is New this Season?

Discover New Fabrics and Styles

It is that time of the year again when everything comes back to life after a dormant winter. Yes, it is spring again! Have you ever wondered how spring got its name? Well, before spring became spring, it was called Lent, in old English. In the 14th century, it was called “springing time” (a reference to plants "springing" from the ground). It was shortened to "spring-time" in the 15th century and further in the 16th century to just "spring".

The spring season has a deep-rooted connection with plants. It inspires one to undergo metamorphosis and face life with renewed enthusiasm. Just like plants build their way into thin air, it motivates you to find a reason to grow each day!

At Blue Canoe, we honor the symbolic relationship between the spring season and plants. Our entire line of clothing comes from plants and is 100% natural. We make our clothes with organic bamboo and cotton, which makes them feel light like morning breezes of spring. Our spring collection allows you to live and feel the season. So, why don't you let spring uplift your spirits and find a forever home in your closet?

Check out what's new this season and find a sustainable way of living by supporting eco-conscious fashion.

(We have always advocated the importance of leaving a lower carbon footprint. Therefore, to increase our efforts towards sustainable clothing, we have introduced a brand-new fabric. Our sleep/lounge styles are now available in cotton pointelle fabric. Pointelle is a lightweight, breathable, cotton-knit fabric with subtle openwork. The openwork, which is usually in a geometric pattern, adds a delicate texture to our products.)

  Pointelle Nighty

 The Pointelle Nighty carries a feminine look and is comfortable as sleep or loungewear. Its lacy stripes with alternating solids give it a delicate appearance. Made from custom knit, organically grown cotton pointelle fabric, it feels soft against the skin and provides a good night's sleep.

 Pointelle Lounge Pants

The pointelle lounge pants, made from organically grown cotton, keep you comfortable throughout the day. They have a perfect fit and are a great go-to option for pajama days. Available in various colors, wear this breathable fabric to experience utmost comfort

Pointelle Short Sleeve Tee

 The pointelle short sleeve tee is graceful and perfect as at-home wear. It hugs softly against your skin and provides all-day relaxation. Pair this tee with our pointelle lounge pants to create a symmetrical look.

pointelle short sleeve

 Pointelle Long Sleeve

If you are obsessed with long sleeves for sleep or lounge, then our pointelle long sleeve top is made for you. Soft on both skin and nature, pair this top with our pointelle lounge pants and say hello to comfortable fashion.

Organic cotton pointelle long sleeve lounge top

 Boyfriend Sweater

Is there anything more comfortable than oversized sweaters? Yes, there is - Oversized sweaters made from organic cotton! Our sweaters do not prick or itch the skin and make you feel cozy at all times. Wearing them will make you feel as good as drinking hot chocolate on a rainy day.

100% organic cotton oversized sweater

 Shirred Sleeve Top

Adding a little oomph to something simple never fails, and our shirred sleeve top is the perfect example of that. We have made a simple V-neck top a game-changer by adding shirred sleeves to it. Made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo, it is perfect for a day out. (Did we tell you that our design team voted it as their favorite new style for spring 2021?)

bamboo and organic cotton stylish top

 Striped Ruffle Sleeve Top

 Our striped ruffle sleeve top is the best answer to the question - can eco-conscious fashion be stylish? This top has a boxy fit and looks elegant when paired with our skinny pants. Wear this fashionable top on a warm sunny afternoon and let it do all the talking.

organic cotton top

 Keyhole Dress

Each season has a must-have dress. So, for this spring, we have made the keyhole dress for you. We have added flared sleeves and a keyhole at the neckline to give this A-line dress an extra appeal. Wear this head-turning dress this spring to champion sustainable fashion.

bamboo and organic cotton little black dress

 Long Sleeve Striped Top

Striped tees are one of those modern classics that never go out of style. So, make space in your wardrobe for our long sleeve striped top. Made with organic cotton and available in various colors, grab one for your spring wardrobe.

organic cotton long sleeved striped tee

 Organic Cotton Face Mask

Step out in style but don't forget to put your masks on! Match your outfit with our organic cotton masks, which are available in various seasonal colors. If you don't want to play match-match, then go for mix-match and enhance your look.


Download our Spring 2021 catalogue and shop the entire range!



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