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Article: What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Most people don’t realize this, but mainstream fashion is one of the largest contributors to worldwide pollution—second only to the fossil fuel industry. The use of animal-based materials, synthetics derived from fossil fuels, and the multiple chemicals involved in fabric production and dyeing, all make fashion a very dirty industry

 In addition, clothing made from synthetics such as polyester and nylon do not biodegrade. All the cheap, throw-away fashion has resulted in millions of tons of clothing off-gassing toxins in landfills sometimes for thousands of years.

 Sustainable fashion started as a backlash to the massive amount of pollution and waste associated with mainstream fashion. It’s a movement that focuses on creating clothing that looks great, feels amazing, and minimizes the impact on our planet by using natural fabrics and creating styles that are classic and long-lasting, and biodegrade. In this way, the entire lifecycle of the clothing is as clean and gentle on the planet as it can be.

 At Blue Canoe, we take things to a new level by doing the following:

  • Obtaining our materials from companies that grow them sustainably. We get our cotton, bamboo, and Modal from ethical farms.
  • Manufacturing our goods inside the United States. This eliminates the risk of sweatshop exploitation and also reduces the amount of fuel that needs to be spent to transport products to customers.
  • Using low impact, non-toxic dyes. This type of dye also uses less water than the dyes used on synthetics.
  • Designing versatile, easy-to-wear styles that have lasting value season after season.
  • Investing in green tech. One of our company’s philosophical cornerstones is about being a trendsetter in the world of green tech.

Sustainable Fashion is More Important Than Ever.

2020 has marked a year where many major world events changed the way we see industry. With the COVID-19 crisis, the world was forced to stay at home for the first time—and the results had a massive benevolent impact on the environment. It was one of the most impressive illustrations in modern history of why we need to curb pollution.

 The new focus on cutting pollution brought sustainability into the public eye for many. For ages, we’ve known that the rate at which we consume is not sustainable. If we want to see Earth blossom and regain health, we need to examine the effects of our consumption and the way our goods are produced from beginning to end.

That’s the core concept of sustainability.

Blue Canoe is Dedicated To Being Part Of The Solution

Everyone always talks about fashion statements, but how clothing looks isn’t the only statement that you can make with your gear. The story behind the clothes is just as important. When it comes to matters of sustainability, the statement you make is that you want to make the world a better place, and the clothes you buy is part of that statement.

We’re hoping that sustainable fashion will become a bigger part of mainstream fashion, and that we can help make it that way. Along with the hope that people will spread the word, we make a point of being open to suggestions. If you know how we can improve our sustainability, give us a shout. Together, we can be the difference we want to see in the world.

Blue Canoe.

Designed for the greater good.

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