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Article: Plant-Based Fashion: What it means for you and the world around you.

Plant-Based Fashion: What it means for you and the world around you.

Plant-Based Fashion: What It Means For You And The World Around You

If you have been keeping an eye on the sustainability industry in food, you already know that people have been talking about plant-based diets everywhere. Even major fast food chains like Burger King are now toying with sustainable, plant-based meat alternatives in classic dishes like hamburgers and hot dogs.

Yes, most of us already are well-aware of the importance of plant-based food, but did you know that plant-based fashion is also trending? Plant-based fashion is a trend that has been direly needed in the past 50 years—and it provides a lot of benefits for consumers, designers, and the world around them.

Is Plant-Based Fashion Another Name For Vegan Clothing?

This is an incredibly common misunderstanding that even major fashion fiends have. It is true that plant-based fashion won’t have fur or leather involved in the creation of goods, but there’s more to it than that.

One of the biggest new concepts that plant-based fashion touts is avoiding the use of environmentally-damaging materials made out of plastics. This means you won’t see polyester, nylon, or polyurethane in your clothing. It’s all made out of sustainable clothing that is entirely composed of plants.

What Materials Do You See In Plant-Based Fashion?

Along with eco-friendly dyes, this fashion movement takes advantage of a wide range of different materials made strictly from plants. Some of the most popular ones include cotton, bamboo, hemp, and Modal, a unique sustainable fabric that comes from beech groves. Modal is also processed in a closed loop system that keeps chemicals contained.

The materials used in plant-based fashion are often known for being durable, breathable, and amazingly low-maintenance. In other words, the materials used in plant-based clothes are a testament to what fashion should be.

What Materials Are Banned In Plant-Based Fashion?

The best way to explain what plant-based fashion is to think of the highest standard of ethics in fashion...and then applying them to the creation of clothing. You’ll never find leather, bone, wool, animal-based dyes, plastics, or other similarly unsustainable materials featured in our clothing.

Along with the material aspect of plant-based fashion, the vast majority of designers in this movement (including us!) take a stand against sweatshops. By cutting out predatory hiring practices, designers in the plant-based movement also prevent exploitation that runs rampant in the fashion world.

Why Choose Plant-Based Fashion?

Right now, the fashion world is grappling with a pretty serious problem. Aside from the fossil fuel industry, the fashion industry is the biggest polluter in the world. Many fashion houses use non-sustainable materials, animal products, and potentially dangerous chemicals in their clothing.

Knowing this, choosing plant-based fashion makes a lot of sense. The benefits alone include:

  • Knowing your clothing isn’t going to be toxic. Studies are now starting to reveal the true damage of using plastics, and we still don’t know the full risk of plastic use. If you’re worried about the plastic in your clothes causing health problems later on, plant-based is a good way to go.
  • Knowing that your clothing is cruelty-free. If you’re a fan of vegan food, having vegan clothing just makes sense. Choosing plant-based clothing helps save thousands of animals from painful practices every year.
  • Having clothing that lasts and looks great! Plant-based fashion does not mean cheaply-made fashion, nor does it mean fast fashion. The clothes that are coming from this fashion are now getting accolades for their long-lasting staying power and stylish appearance.
  • Helping change the world for the better. Our planet is in dire need of our help. Choosing plant-based clothing means you are helping reduce the impact fashion makes on Mother Earth.

The Movement Starts With You

Blue Canoe isn’t just about looking good; it’s about planting seeds of good for the future of everyone else. It’s about feeling good, knowing that the clothing you wear helps reduce the damage the fashion industry makes. It’s a movement, a change in the way that we all view fashion.

We’re not the one who started the movement. We’re just following your lead. The movement started with ethical, eco-conscious people who wanted to see the world stay beautiful—people like you. As long as you keep wanting a world with more ethical fashion, we’ll be right there, making that dream come true.

Blue Canoe.

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