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Article: Core Styles - Build a Wardrobe That's Always in Fashion

Core Styles - Build a Wardrobe That's Always in Fashion

When deciding what to wear in the morning, do you find yourself struggling to put together an outfit?

 Maybe you have a lot of fun pieces to wear, but you can never decide what top to pair with your printed pants. Or maybe you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest season’s fashions. The second you buy a new garment it seems some style aficionado is declaring it’s “out.”

 The solution? Keep core styles in your wardrobe that never go out of fashion.

Why You Need Core Styles In Your Wardrobe

Core styles never go out of fashion — they’re made to last. No matter the season, every time you reach for a top, dress, or pants, you know you’ve got an outfit to wear. They are the styles perfect for building a capsule wardrobe and keeping excess to a minimum. For more about the advantages of a minimalist wardrobe, read here

 And what’s better, core styles are better for the planet. “Seasons” of fashion contribute to over-consumption, as they’re meant to be worn for a season and tossed in the landfill.

According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average consumer tosses around 70 pounds of clothing each year.

When you buy garments that are made to stay in style, however, you can reach for them 10 years down the road and know they’re going to remain timeless.

Shopping with brands like Blue Canoe — where our garments are made from organic cotton and bamboo — means even if you love the life out of your items and they become worn, they can be returned naturally to the earth where they compost, unlike synthetics which off-gas toxins for decades.

Core Styles from Blue Canoe

Whether you’re looking for undergarments, tops, or a dress, CORE styles from Blue Canoe are always in fashion and always available. They’re our staples that have remained in style for years — and they’re not going away anytime soon.


A core wardrobe begins on the innermost layer of your clothing. The garments that are closest to your skin should be comfortable.


You don’t want to constantly be reminded by irritating elastic and tight straps that you’re always wearing a bra. Blue Canoe bras are comfortable and provide varying levels of support, so whether you’re headed to spin class or are lounging at home, you’ll be at ease.

 Choose from a wide range of active, cotton, adjustable, cami, and PLUS CUP styles (with additional cup space) to suit any occasion and keep you feeling confident.


Whether you prefer boy shorts, a full brief, a high cut panty, a hip hugger, or a bikini style, Blue Canoe underwear is made from a wonderfully soft blend of cotton and bamboo to give you comfort all day long.

 Choose from your favorite colors to have a pair to wear under all your favorite outer garments.


You need a mix of short- and long-sleeve tops to get you through every season. We offer a mix of sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long sleeve tops to serve as the only basics you’ll ever need in your wardrobe.

The Silky Tank Top can be dressed up, while the Elbow Sleeve Tee is perfect for pairing with leggings or jeans. For colder days or chilly hours in the office, the Bamboo Longsleeve Tee and Slub Long Sleeve Tee will keep you perfectly warm.


Whether you’re out running errands or headed to yoga class after work, you need pants that are comfortable and move with you all day long.

If you’re looking for activewear, Blue Canoe offers a range of bamboo tights, and cotton and bamboo CORE pants — available in a legging, cropped, and bootcut style.

Searching for a style that’s perfect for cozy Saturday afternoons and days at the office? Our Repose Pant, Slim Pant, Effortless Pant, and Cropped Wide Leg Pant can be paired with everything from sneakers to boots.


Core styles don’t stop at tops and pants — dresses are another staple to have on hand. They’re perfect for those days when you want something that feels a bit more lightweight, dressy, or flirty.

 The Slub Puzzle Dress is made with organic cotton fabric, and can easily be layered with tights in the winter. It’s lightweight and will keep you fashionable and cool in the warm summer months.

 If you’re looking for a dress that transitions from day to night, our Convertible style comes in a wide array of colors so you can have a dress that’s flattering, sleek, and never goes out of style.

Choose Lasting, Sustainable Fashion

At Blue Canoe, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable styles that are made to last.

 Manufactured in the U.S., we make our garments without harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. All our garments are created with natural, biodegradable fibers, including cotton and bamboo — so you get comfort and peace of mind day and night, no matter what garment you’re wearing.

Blue Canoe. All day. Every day.

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