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Article: 5 Easy Ways to be Sustainable This Holiday Season

5 Easy Ways to be Sustainable This Holiday Season

 5 Easy Ways to be Sustainable This Holiday Season

 The holidays are a perfect time to reflect on the past year and show appreciation to friends and family through thoughtful gift-giving. Unfortunately, this special season has become a reason to overbuy and shift the focus to consumerism. The pressure to find a perfect gift results in the impulse purchasing of low-quality products that are quickly disposed of or forgotten once the celebrations have ended. From the discarded wrapping paper to the extra pollution caused by increased deliveries, it can be hard to practice sustainability during the holiday season.

 Upgrade your routine this year with our five easy ways to put the focus back on sustainable gift-giving and the true meaning of the season.

 1 - Shop Sustainable Brands

Sustainable companies, like Blue Canoe, only produce eco-friendly products that are made to last. Instead of spending money on many mass-produced gifts, invest in one sustainably made item that can be used for years to come. For a cozy option, try our *Long Robe. Crafted from organic cotton and bamboo, it comes in six different colors and is perfect for working from home or relaxing. For an everyday alternative, try a soft sweater! Ethically made in San Francisco, our *Fleece Open Cardigans can be stylishly paired with many outfits for every season. Check out these additional brands and websites for more sustainable gift options:

 Children: Green Toys, Tender Leaf, Wild Republic, Land of Dough

 Partners & Friends: Package Free, Goodee, OurCommonplace, Accompany, Buy Me Once

2 - Regifting Isn’t Rude

It’s time to stop the stigma of regifting! Repurposing a perfectly good gift that may no longer suit your needs is a wonderful way to be more sustainable this holiday season. Instead of creating additional waste or allowing underused items to turn into clutter, give things a new life by regifting them to someone else. Just make sure to be thoughtful and invest time in choosing things that would benefit the new recipient.

 3 - Focus on Spending Time, Not Spending Money.

‘Tis the season of slowing down and spending time with the ones we love! One of the easiest ways to give sustainable gifts this year is to refocus on spending time with others instead of giving things. Not only do experiences make wonderful gifts, but they also help build closer relationships and are more customizable. An afternoon at a museum, taking a class together, a special movie night, or a surprise afternoon are great options that can be easily planned. Make meaningful memories that will last a lifetime and not only for a season.

 4 - Rethink Your Wrapping

Buying fancy wrapping paper results in a lot of unnecessary waste every December. There are so many beautiful alternatives to preparing presents that are much more sustainable. Saving old newspapers, recycling packing material from your latest Blue Canoe purchase, or repurposing grocery bags are all easy ways to cut back on waste this holiday season. For a non-paper option, fabric can also be sewn into simple bags that can be tied shut with ribbon and reused every year. Get creative with fun wrapping solutions and show some personality with each finished gift.

 5 - Turn your Hobby Into a Present

Maybe you love to knit, are a great painter, or bake on the weekends to relieve stress? Your favorite hobby can be a great opportunity to hand-make gifts for loved ones. A warm loaf of bread or a new scarf is much more thoughtful than a non-sustainable, mass-produced present. If the pressure of completing a handmade gift is too much, write a nice letter and promise to give of your time by teaching someone how to master your favorite skill instead.

 Be intentional this year by slowing down and reevaluating your goals before the pressure to buy sets in. With a few small changes, an eco-friendly and more sustainable holiday season can be enjoyed by all!


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