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Organic Yoga Clothing

Yoga is a natural life style. It's about harmony and balance, leading to strength. Blue Canoe cotton yoga clothing exudes natural appeal. Some of our first designs were for cotton yoga clothing. There is a natural intersection between super-soft organic cotton and clothes (like yoga clothes) which are caressingly close to the skin.

100% Organic Cotton Yoga Pants

Organic cotton has an intrinsic purity to it -- there are no pesticides or fertilizers, no artificial post-processing to interfere with the feel of the cotton. Combined with ring-spun cotton combing, our organic cotton is super soft and naturally cool, making our 100% organic yoga tops and bottoms comfortable during any workout.

The Blue Canoe Cut

The cut and form of Blue Canoe cotton yoga clothing also has a sense of balance. The emphasis on simple lines means that our clothes trace the natural outlines of the female body. Every silhouette is precise and intentional. Simplicity makes our yoga clothes more comfortable and more graceful because it is fitted to be feminine.

Organic Fabrics

Organic fabrics are a natural choice for cotton yoga clothing. Even more than the feel of the cotton, the appeal for natural cotton yoga clothing is in the purity of the process. Organic farming doesn't just yield a better product. Organic processes introduce a conservationist aspect.

Our Allergy Information

The lack of pesticides and chemicals is healthier for the earth and healthier for the workers who grow and process cotton; it's a safer choice for the cotton industry.

In other areas, such as the dyeing process, we leave the lightest environmental footprint possible by minimizing the materials we use and the waste we leave behind.

100% Made in the USA

Blue Canoe cotton yoga clothing is designed, manufactured, and even dyed in America. Both our skin-soft cotton and our bamboo-cotton blends are knitted in Los Angeles. Keeping the cutting and manufacturing local is a way that we can guarantee that each worker is paid and treated fairly, with a safe and positive work environment.

That natural respect adds a positive energy to the clothes we design. Our yoga clothes are made in a good place.