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How Blue Canoe Organic Cotton Bras Are Made

Bras are complex. A classic bra requires a supportive structure for lift and shape and the ability to conform to any body shape. Every body is different, and bras require adaptable strap lengths, cup sizes, even torso width to match each individual size. The drape and gathers of other types of clothes that minimize body differences aren't available for a cotton bra design, which has to fit snug against the skin.

Our Cotton Materials

Blue Canoe organic cotton bras take a slightly different approach. As with our clothing lines, our cotton bras rely on simple designs and unadulterated materials. The natural strength of cotton -- its elasticity, softness, and durability -- makes it a perfect choice for organic cotton bras. Our unparalleled ring-spun combed cotton is extra soft against the skin.

Chemical Free

Organic cotton bras don't have the harsh chemicals used during cotton harvesting or artificial re-softening process. In a cotton bra, with its proximity to sensitive skin, softness is key. Blue Canoe organic cotton bras achieve a simplicity of design that makes them more comfortable for regular daily wear or even light exercise. Blue Canoe cotton bras don't have metal underwire or thick elastic bands.

Every Blue Canoe cotton bra has doubled bands of fabric under the bust to provide lift and support without squeezing and binding like elastic. The natural stretch of cotton lets the bra straps and cups expand enough to match each woman's size. Little details like ruching and cami-style straps make Blue Canoe organic cotton bras feminine as well as practical. Blue Canoe cotton bras are designed to be body friendly. They're perfect for daily wear under blouses and T-shirts and even supportive enough for light exercise like yoga, Pilates, hiking, or biking.

Our intimate lines include organic cotton bras for even more natural times like maternity and nursing.