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Article: Your Perfect Organic Cotton Bra Fit

Your Perfect Organic Cotton Bra Fit

Finding a bra that fits well can be difficult, especially since every brand seems to have different sizing and shape options. Irritating underwire, digging straps, bands that ride up, and gaping in the cups are all signs of a bad-fitting bra! At Blue Canoe, we only make organic cotton bras because there are so many benefits to wearing them. Keep reading to learn more about our bra options and how to find your perfect fit!

Why Organic Cotton Bras are Best

Most bras are made out of synthetic materials such as polyester, rayon, and nylon that are typically treated with chemicals during their production. These toxins stay in the fabric and can be absorbed by breast and skin tissue during regular wear. Bras made of synthetic fibers also don’t breathe as well as organic cotton bras. This makes it harder for sweat to escape and instead keeps body odors trapped. Underwire can also restrict lymph node flow in the chest, leading to discomfort or even cysts. Women with sensitive skin may also experience pain, redness, and itching due to wearing binding, synthetic bras. Bras that are too tight can also cause back pain, blisters, numbness, and breathing problems that will negatively affect full-body wellness. For all these reasons and more, organic cotton bras are the best option for a healthy and comfortable fit. Click here to learn about how environmentally-friendly organic cotton makes better garments.

The Benefits of Blue Canoe Organic Cotton Bras

Blue Canoe bras are made with health in mind by only using 100% natural fiber organic cotton and bamboo. Our designs are non-binding while also adding the support needed to feel comfortable and not restricted. Soft, stretchy material is carefully crafted to let the skin breathe, wick heat and moisture away from the body, and eliminate skin irritation. With fifteen different organic cotton bra styles to choose from, we provide a variety of strap widths and designs to support a wide range of breast sizes. Blue Canoe is proud that our bras are designed and made in San Francisco, which means our carbon footprint is small and we also meet strict environmental and labor standards.

How to find your perfect organic cotton bra fit

Since every woman is different, our organic cotton bras are sized based on band and cup measurements. When worn, a well-fitting bra should be comfortable, have smooth cups, a center section that lies flat, and a band that fits evenly and low. To find the perfect bra fit, grab a cloth measuring tape and discover your correct band and cup size by following the instructions below.

Measuring Your Bra Band Size

  • Put on your best-fitting, non-padded bra.
  • Wrap a measuring tape snugly around your rib cage, just beneath your bust line.
  • Adjust the tape so that it's parallel to the floor.
  • Exhale deeply—you want the smallest measurement possible.
  • Add 2” to that measurement.
  • The resulting number is your band size.
  • Write down the number and then measure your cup size using the instructions below.

Measuring Your Bra Cup Size

  • Wrap the measuring tape loosely around the fullest part of your breasts (nipple level).
  • Round to the nearest whole number

Your cup size can now be calculated by following the guide below:

  • Subtract your band size from your bust measurement.
  • If the difference in your bust measurement and band size is 1” then your cup size is A.
  • If the difference in your bust measurement and band size is 2” then your cup size is B.
  • If the difference in your bust measurement and band size is 3” then your cup size is C.
  • If the difference in your bust measurement and band size is 4” then your cup size is D.
  • If the difference in your bust measurement and band size is 5” then your cup size is DD.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to wearing a healthy and comfortable organic cotton bra. Now that you have your correct band and cup size, use them to find the closest fit on our bra sizing chart below.

Helpful Tips for Finding a Perfect Organic Cotton Bra Fit

It’s important to remember that some final measurements will fit into the range of our size chart and while others may not. For example, women with a larger band size and smaller cup size, like a 36A, could go down a band size to make sure the fit is correct. A size M in a style with smaller, flatter cups, such as our A100, A140, or one with an adjustable back strap such as H124 should provide the best fit.

Women with larger cup sizes and smaller band sizes, like a 32D, might be most comfortable in a Blue Canoe Plus Cup Bra since these are made specifically to accommodate larger cup sizes over band size. Our styles A155 or A161 in size S or M should provide the best fit. Learn more about our Plus Cup sizing on our Bra Size Chart.

Because Blue Canoe organic cotton bras are less structured than underwire or non-stretch bras, our cup sizing is less restrictive. Many of our bras will accommodate a cup size larger than the size listed on the chart. A size M in styles A132, A154, H122, and R122 will still accommodate up to a D cup.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to find your perfect organic cotton bra fit, remember that bra size fluctuates slightly depending on the brand, type of bra, different stages in the menstrual cycle, or throughout menopause. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect fit so be gentle with your body while working on finding a bra that works best for you. Click here to view all our organic cotton bra styles and sizes!

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