From Fossil Fuel to Fashion

From Fossil Fuel to Fashion

From Fossil Fuel to Fashion

You might be surprised to know that the majority of mainstream fashion is dominated by synthetic fabrics that are petroleum based. Luckily for the planet, a sustainable fashion revolution is emerging as the negative impact of cheap fast fashion becomes more and more apparent.

Petroleum Based Fabrics – Ask Yourself Why?

  • Why would you want to put something made from petroleum against you skin? Especially if you’re working out and sweating while incased in a pair of nonbreathable polyester or nylon yoga pants?
  • What’s the deal with clothing contributing to our dependence on fossil fuels? Even the energy sector is looking at viable, healthier and more environmentally positive options to gas and coal. Shouldn’t we be doing the same with clothing?
  • Did you know that each time you wash synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon tiny strands of plastic shed into the water system and make their way to the ocean? These microfibers account for 80% of the plastic particles found in the ocean.

A Toxic After-Life

What happens to your nylon yoga pants when they are so pilled that you no longer want to wear them?

If you donate them, it’s possible they will be worn again, and washed again, shed more micro- fibers. Eventually they are likely to end up in a landfill, and you won’t think of them again. Even then those pants are still creating havoc with our environment. It will take 20 -200 years for those pants to decompose, and they will be off-gassing toxins the entire time.

Our organic cotton yoga pants won't do that!

organic cotton yoga pants and organic cotton bra


Go with Sustainable Fashion

Since you’re concerned about the environmental impact of fashion, spend some time reading garment tags to find out what your clothes are made from.  You’ll notice the prevalence of cheap polyester. Choose instead a natural biodegradable fabric like cotton. Or go one better and switch to organically grown cotton – sustainable and better for the planet beginning to end.

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