Ditch Those Panties!

Ditch Those Panties!

Toss those everyday clothing items that are bad for your health

You may not be ready to join a nudist colony, but you might consider trading out some of your everyday clothing items.  Why?  They could be bad for your health.

Let me explain. Many of the fabrics we take for granted are not the best thing to have against your skin, and they definitely aren’t environmentally friendly.

3 apparel items you probably wear on a daily basis that could be exchanged for healthier alternatives.

  1. Panties – It’s not news that air flow and breathability down there is critical for keeping bacteria at bay. That’s why even synthetic panties likely have a small cotton liner at the crotch. But is that good enough? Why not go all the way with natural, breathable cotton panties? Better yet, choose organically grown toxic-free cotton for your intmate under things like our 100% organically grown boy short.
  2. Bras – We women know that brassieres are the most uncomfortable item of clothing in existence, right up there with stiletto heels and ultra-skinny jeans. But, why suffer binding, wired, synthetic bras that limit lymph flow and weaken the very muscles that keep your girls perky? Instead, consider a more natural looking and good feeling organic comfort bra from Blue Canoe.
  3. Yoga pants – These days I bet your yoga pants (or possibly your sweats) have quietly replaced your power suits. And your co-workers are none the wiser. But if those pants are made of synthetics, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. You’re encasing your legs in plastic that doesn’t breathe (poor skin!). Not to mention, polyester and nylon are terrible for the planet – responsible for 80% of micro plastics in the ocean. Organic cotton yoga pants and sweats are ultra-soft, conducive to air flow and good for the planet. Can you beat that?

So maybe it’s time to rethink your wardrobe?

Blue Canoe.  It feels so natural.